1928 Remington #2 Mountain ash scarlet


Found this yesterday at a local antique store. Marked too high for me. went in this morning and was able to get them to go down a good amount after looking at condition. the wooden platen rod freespining under the rubber. also needs some new rubber washer feet.  My wife went down later in the day and picked it up for an early Valentines gift! really dig this machine and looking forward to getting it fixed up. Thanks Babe.


3 thoughts on “1928 Remington #2 Mountain ash scarlet

  1. What a great gift. Back in ’28 that must’ve been quite a statement to buy this colorscheme.

    These are great little machines to tinker with and they should fix up to working condition beautifully. Enjoy! Recognise the loose platen syndrome. For feet you could consider having a set manufactured just for you (get them in red! 😉
    (Files are on Thingiverse; http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1144632)


  2. Stunning! Congratulations.

    You can find cheap rubber grommets at Ace Hardware and such places that will fit into those holes. Then you just need the right screws to hold them down, unless you have the originals (I don’t see them in your photos).


    1. thanks! I bought some grommets at the hardware store today and they worked great. I do have the original screw I just removed them before taking the photo. thanks for the feedback.


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