Hello World

Hello world!

I am Elweavo , or at least that is one of many names I have gone by.  For now I will keep this somewhat anonymous. Look in the about me page for some basic info. thank you.

Today I ended up starting this website/blog thing and am not quite sure what I am going to do with it. I plan on sharing photos of the pottery work that I do as well as some photos of various writing I have done on my typewriter.  Recently I acquired a couple of manual typewriters and have been researching them nonstop since.  About 5 years ago I gave away or sold at a garage sale my old Remington portable typewriter and have regretted it ever since.  I knew nothing about the typewriter at the time other than I had purchased it at a goodwill store and owned it for about 10 years I think. I never looked into purchasing a new ribbon for it as I did not think they were still available. So when it went dry I got rid of it. Then a year or so ago a good friend of mine showed me her typewriter collection and I instantly scolded myself for getting rid of that sweet little machine. Oh well such is life.

I currently am tuning up a Royal Arrow from 1939 that I bought at an antique store.   Also I got ahold of a Royal Heritage typewriter that I have got working after a adjustment to the main recoil spring.  I have new ribbons on the way and a repair book coming in the mail.

please let me know your feedback!

Wish me luck on wherever this Webpage takes me.

thanks for looking


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